Group was haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard today.  Some weeks it’s like that – so much RELEVANT stuff comes up from everyone, and it takes a lot of processing time.  Ugh.

But I finally got my “personal statement describing the way in which your education has been adversely affected by your condition, disability or disorder” written as part of my QTAC application.  That was very draining, too, having to explain why I’ve failed not completed previous attempts to study…

All that after a night of very little sleep.  I ended up taking an anxi0lytic at around 3 am, and was still bothered by obsessive (but not dangerous) thoughts… they were so bad that they even intruded during the guided mindfulness meditation I was listening to – so I did the whole 20 minute mindfulness exercise over AGAIN, and finally got a couple of hours sleep.

I’ve managed to make an appointment to see my psych1atrist on Thursday… on the recommendation of the Dr at group today.  Hmmmm.

Then I see my psych0logist on Friday and I’m probably asking her to write a supporting letter for my QTAC application and then I can send it those next parts IN!   The latest update on the QTAC site says that I have met the minimum course requirements for the courses I have chosen (but that is not a guarantee of an offer of a place.)

So. Very. Tired.

Haven’t called Mum and Dad yet to get an update on Gordy… will do that next.

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