Gordy, Monday 30th; and Caity jumps through more hoops

WELL!!  In the words of my dear sister in law, “Super Nurse”, “Gordy’s neurological status is amazingly intact”.  He’s moved from the ICU to the cardiac ward (one of the cardiac wards, I should say – Royal Adelaide is a BIG hospital with a lot of specialist cardiac and cardiac-thoracic care).  He’s to have a Automatic Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (AICD) put in soon – hopefully by Friday, depending on his fever going down.  But the important thing, Ju tells me, is that Gordy is feeling better every day.

Meanwhile, I’m back from the doctors, having had to jump through hoops for bureaucracy – which it then turns out we didn’t need to jump through until APRIL.  (GRRR!  Damn the lack of clear information from the government on this issue!)  My poor GP was politely frustrated and I felt dreadful, but at least I can use some of the documentation to support my QTAC application – we didn’t have time to get to writing a supporting letter.  Luckily I had already booked another long appointment for a fortnight’s time…

Part of the forms we filled out today required a scored assessment – in this case, a short form version called a DASS-21, which measures depression, anxiety and stress over the last week.  Trouble is, it doesn’t have any way of taking into account life circumstances like, say, YOUR BROTHER HAVING A CARDIAC ARREST.

My scores were rather high.

To add to the general merriment, I’ve been changing my med1cati0ns, always a fun fun FUN thing to do.  On the plus side, my appetite has been drastically and suddenly reduced as I’ve tapered off from the ser0quel.  Remember me ranting about how miserable it was making me, how the never ending need to eateateateat was making things so much worse? At least now I have a psychiatr1st who understood how very distressing that was and how important it is to lose the we1ght!

But the anxiety and panic are also very real and although I think I’ve coped remarkably well with what’s been going on in the last week, I am tired.

And my thyro1d is wonky again, but my GP and I are working on tweaking the med1cati0n for that, which should also help with the we1ght loss and the you know, thingummy whatsit… MEMORY!!

I write stuff down. A lot!