Gordy, Day 3

Hard to believe that it’s only the third day since Gordy’s cardiac event… here’s the latest update.

He’s still in the ICU, but is breathing without the respirator.  He broke his partial plate when he fell and aspirated a tooth (ouch!) BUT luckily has managed to cough it up!  He has a chest infection (not uncommon after a cardiac arrest and CPR and all the hospital intervention that is so necessary afterwards, not to mention the tooth) and is still very groggy (understandably!) but is responding well to commands.

Eunju is very pleased with his progress (and she knows her stuff.)  It’s very early days yet, obviously, but he’ll move from the ICU to the cardiology ward soon.

Far too early to know what’s happened neurologically, they’re not even sure if he can swallow on his own yet.. but we’re hopeful.

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