Not much of an update on Gordy, but…

He’s holding on.  Last update I had, the ICU doctors had warmed him back up from the therapeutic hypothermia, and were considering reducing the sedation this afternoon to see if he could breathe on his own.  Eunju (Super Nurse!) was very pleased to report to Mum and Dad this morning that the doctors had reduced some of the medicati0ns Gordy was receiving through drips.  (We’re all a bit worried about Ju’s lack of sleep but of course she wants to be by his side – who wouldn’t want to be with the person they love?)

So now we just wait.  Have I mentioned that their son, 20 year old university student Huneal Hanneul[sorry, kiddo, your Aunty can’t spell!] (he’s studying mining engineering and is doing very well, we’re so proud) is being brilliant – driving Mum and Dad to the hospital, going housework, and so on?

I wish I could be over there to help, but there’s really not much I could do.  I am determined to get over to Adelaide SOON to see him, but only if it’s not going to make more work for everyone.

Gordon in Leeton in May, 2009

We’re all very grateful that there were at least two doctors who are fans of The Hillbilly Hoot  (a weekly gathering of musos and fans at Adelaide’s Community Radio Station 3D). From the reading I’ve been doing (I’m certainly no expert) the sooner CPR is done after a cardiac arrest the better the chances of the patient’s survival and recovery.  And he had GOOD CPR – but even lousy CPR is better than none. (Do you really need me to provide the references? I can – study after study has shown it.  If you have ANY doubts, and someone is not breathing and has no heartbeat – START CPR.  Get help as soon as you can because the breathing part is hard to keep up on your own, but just do it!!)



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