Crump in a hump on her rump…

…as my Dad would say.  That was me, VERY undignified, at the shopping mall earlier this afternoon.  Thought I’d just pop over there while it was quiet (Sunday arvo is usually a good time, provided you don’t mind some things being out of stock on the shelves) and get some grapes and some hairclips.  I’m growing my hair out from a baaaaaaad cut last year and it’s at the stage where I really need clips to manage and I only have TWO so you can see what a DISASTER it would be if I lost one so I had to go buy some and…

Anyway.  Walking along…

All of a sudden, I wasn’t.

I was on the floor.


Managed to land without breaking anything, just a grazed elbow, bruised right hip, and somehow put my jaw out of whack again (How?!).

As I was doing the turtle-scramble of getting to my knees to push myself to my feet, a kind older lady with a walking cane in her shopping trolley came to help me, got me to hang on to her trolley and guided me over to the nearest seat, while I tearfully explained it was probably the change in medicat10n and she sympathised that it happened to her because of inner ear problems “but I doubt I could have got up on my own, dear, we’d still be waiting for four strong men to come and help!”

(This is the second time I have been in distress at this same mall. And the second time that an older woman has been the ONLY PERSON who has stopped to see if I needed help.  Nobody else stopped, other people just walked past.  Hard NOT to draw the inference that it’s older women who pick up the pieces, isn’t it?!)

Maybe I should work on my balance....

I sat for a little while, phoned Mr Beloved to let him know what had happened and settle myself, and then got on with the shopping.

I’m not sure why I fell over.  Could be the medicat10n change – I’m definitely feeling a bit wonky lately.  Then again, the pa1n itself (neur0path1c pa1n from my back injury as well as f1br0myalg1a) or the pa1nk1llers can make you a bit unsteady, too.  I see my GP on the 30th and hopefully we’ll have time (after filling in a huge bit of government paperwork so I can see my psych0l0gist for 10 appointments this year) to discuss what’s going on.

In any case I think I won’t be driving by myself until we get this sorted out, which is frustrating.  And I’ll call the psychiatrist tomorrow to make an appointment just to be on the safe side – she’s very up to date on medicat10ns and s1de effects,  and I’ll need her to fill in a form for the university stuff anyway…

And now off to think about dinner.

2 Replies to “Crump in a hump on her rump…”

  1. Are you okay!!!!!!! Change of meds can do a lot of strange things to us.
    I love your reference to older women picking up the pieces, we always stop to help. I hope going back to school isn’t going to put too much pressure on you, but I admire how brave you are for doing it.
    Cathy xoxo

    1. I\’m fine, Cathy, a bit black a blue! Yep, it really is us older women who stop and pick up the pieces…. going back to school has made for a stressful day today but will give me lots to talk about in group therapy tomorrow, LOL! It\’s a bit scary but there opportunity is there and I have to do something that is in line with my values – I need to get out of my head and into my LIFE!

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