At last, it’s a bit cooler…

It’s been HOT for the last couple of days – Tuesday night was so hot that I ended up sleeping outside in a makeshift camp on the concrete under the tin roof patio – groundsheet, big cushions off the lounge, pillow, quilt, with reading light and CPAP machine hooked up to the power point that runs our rainwater tank pump –  and even though I now have 73 different itchy bites IT WAS WORTH IT.  Once the bright full moon rose over the roof I could actually get a couple of hours sleep.  I stayed out until about 3.30am, when it was cool enough to go back into the bedroom.

ACTUAL SIZE! They breed BIG mozzies up here.... (well, they felt this big...)

The cheap and nasty banana lounges went back to the big chain hardware store – they STANK!  They were unbearable.  Glad we got our money back on those.

Yesterday arvo I spent lying on the floor of the lounge wrapped in a wet towel with the fans blowing on me… I am really finding this heat difficult, and I think I have to attribute it to the change in med1cat10ns – I don’t remember struggling with it this much in previous heatwaves.

Today we did some more tie dyeing – a friend’s daughter is having a “hippy” birthday party so I offered to make her a t-shirt – and Mr Beloved needed a few too.  The shirts are baking in plastic bags in the sun and are too hot to touch – a good sign, because it helps the colours batch and become really intense. Photos to follow.

I have picked up ANOTHER damn head cold – this time it’s gone straight to my ears.  Every time I blow my nose my ears block up even more.  MISERY!!!

Right – time to get showered, do an inventory of what’s left in the fridge, and head to the greengrocer – another baking session when it cools down tonight (zucchini slice again) should see us through the next few hot days.  Just as well we don’t mind eating the same thing for a week at a time!

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