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Soggy Birds!

[clicky for biggy] You can see Dorian’s grey tail at bottom left of this picture, but he didn’t want to be photographed today.  It was so hot again today (33 with a hot dry wind) that I though the birds … Continue reading

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More psych stuff, possibly only of interest to me!

After a miserable night, including lying on the cool wooden floor of the laundry while I called to a health line just to be reassured that I was probably either having more anxiety/panic attack symptoms or possibly a tummy bug … Continue reading

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Oh dear…

It’s HOT. Still around 30 in the bedroom and I am writing this at 1:30 am… feeling sick, my jaw is hurting from the dental work, not  sure if the wonky tummy/IBS is being cause by anxiety or a bug… … Continue reading

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