Well, not only had I lost a chunk of filling  – I’d cracked off a part of the enamel.  And damaged another filling on the other side of my mouth.  From now on I’m STRAINING any passionfruit I eat – oh, and no more crunching ice, either.  The teeth grinding at night I can only address by being less stressed, because there’s no room with the CPAP mask to add anything else!

Mr Beloved sat in the room with me, and when I was being a total sook about having the needle (ow ow ow ow! IT HURT!) and when I had such bad jaw pain from holding my mouth open that tears were running into my ears.  :- (

BUT – I had the small filling with no needle or numbing cream!  FIRST TIME EVER that I’ve been able to have even a *leetle* filling without help. The big filling wasn’t even too bad – and I now have my first ever composite resin filling.

Still can’t feel half my face…nearly 3 hours post needle.  Maybe one day I will be brave like my Dad and not have the needle at all…

It’s still 32 degrees here at 7 pm… the predicted overnight minimum is 20 – I think we’ll be very lucky if it cools down that much!  This is HOT for Toowoomba, at least in recent years.  Funny how quickly you adjust to a new climate – I’m sure where I used to live was hotter in Summer!

Off to sip more ice water v-e-r-y carefully!


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6 Responses to Success!

  1. Marcie says:

    Bet you’re glad that’s over! Makes my teeth ache in sympathy just thinking about it…

    • Caityquilter says:

      Thanks, Marcie – it\’s the jaw and neck pain that get me, far worse than anything (well, maybe apart from the big needle!) that happens during the actual procedures.

  2. Tanya Brown says:

    Dear me! No wonder you were hurting!

    Don’t they deaden your mouth a bit before giving you a shot?

    • Caityquilter says:

      Tanya, yep, I am a TOTAL sook at the dentist (and remind her of that each time!) so I get the numbing cream first before any needles – but it was one of those ones that had to go into the corner of the jaw joint, you know? OW!! My first husband dislocated my jaw, so I have had TMJ problems for the last 23 years. Complicated by the fact that (contrary to what most people might think!) I have a small mouth: the dentist had to use a child size jaw prop for me, the adult size one won\’t fit – to try and relieve the strain of keeping my mouth open.

      I don\’t believe in the chiropractic \”woo\” theories, but I know the manipulation he did specifically on my jaw/TMJ put things back where they were meant to be and decreased the pain a lot.

      And now I have an anxi0lytic p1ll in my toolkit, I can take one of those if I need any more dental work done and things will be easier – the poor dentist kept saying \”If you can relax it generally hurts less\” while I was concentrating on not screaming too loudly and keeping on breathing!! Since I\’ve had my electric toothbrush I\’ve had no cavities (fingers crossed) – I usually just go for my 6 month clean and check and when emergency filling repairs/replacements need doing. I wish I\’d had an electric toothbrush a lot sooner!

  3. Laurie" says:

    Future help on the shot front…I learned this from a very swerve nurse. Before they get in there lightly (as in don’t hurt Yourself ) scratch the top of your hand with your fingernails. The brain can only pay attention to so much and I find it helps distract me.

    I finally found a good dentist with tiny hands. We’ve done a lot of work together these past few years.

    • Caityquilter says:

      Laurie, that\’s a clever trick! I will try that. Also I now have l0razepam to take… cheating? Nah, another tool to use, that\’s how I\’m thinking of it!! My dentist is very gentle but any amount of holding my mouth open hurts!

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