Oh NOES! My dog has fleas!

Connie (Picture taken last year when we had grass not weeds!)

Poor little Connie dog!  Poor miserable itchy little pink dog!  We noticed she was scratching herself more than usual before Christmas, so we gave her @!&(^ chews which were recommended at the pet shop… but we didn’t know that those (^$*&^ useless chews DON’T KILL ADULT FLEAS.  What’s the point of them then? ARRRGH!  I only bought them because they were touted as being THE thing… and had no idea that they didn’t do the same job as the back-of-the-neck stuff that we’d always used.  So a week later – she’s itchy again.  And this time I noticed little black crawling dots… OH NOES!

I felt like the worst person in the world – poor little dog, miserable and itchy, because I had done the wrong thing.

Luckily as I was looking in the box of the CAT’s back of the neck stuff, I noticed that one of the dog’s doses had been put in there by mistake.  So I used that on Connie. BUT – maybe it was out of date, because this week: MORE FLEAS!!

Result 1: We’re NEVER going back to that Petst0ck store.  EVER.  I have cut up my “loyalty” card with them, I am so angry!

Result 2: A trip to the vet this morning (KerCHING$$$!) was followed by a handful of dried liver bribes, and with me trying to get the dog to eat the supposedly “chewable, beef-flavored tablet”:

“Connie, open.




Okay, Connie, TREAT!  TREAT!


Good girl! Now swallow.

*pop, out comes the slightly soggy pill.*

OPEN YOUR MOU… TREAT! *Shove, holds dog’s mouth shut, strokes throat* TREAT!

Gooood girl!  Now eat your chicken necks  – wait – let me put your bowl on the ground and… Holy cow, did you even CHEW that at all?”


Fingers crossed that the new product works as advertised – supposed to help within 30 minutes and kill adult fleas within 4 hours.  We’ve already washed all the bedding in HOT water and now I’m just working up the energy to vacuum everything…


Apparently fleas are really bad here at the moment.  I just hope we’re on top of them now…

(And yes, the cat is still annoyed with me for dosing her with back-of-the-neck anti-flea goop.  She’ll forgive me in a couple of days or so…



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8 Responses to Oh NOES! My dog has fleas!

  1. 2paw says:

    Oh no. Poor Miss Connie. That’s awful and even more awful that your pet shop was not helpful. The good thing about Labs is that they are motivated by food and will have swallowed the pill infested food by the time the next treat appears. I hope she is feeling better now?? We do the back of the neck thing for ticks, every fortnight. It costs $80 for six weeks for both of them. Sigh.

    • Caityquilter says:

      I\’ll definitely be sticking to the vet (even though they are slightly more spendy) from now on, Cindy! The new tablet thingy (C0mf0rtis) seems to be working, but yowzer – $90 for 6! I desperately want a sister for Connie, but double the costs … she might have to stay an only dog for a while yet!

  2. 2paw says:

    Did I leave a comment or did it disappear??

    • Caityquilter says:

      Cindy, the comments do funny things with this version of wordpress – I have to go retrieve them (woof!) from the \”trash\” folder – very annoying!

  3. Trix says:

    HI Caity! Sorry to hear about Connie’s fleas! As a fellow fluffy white dog lover I just had to weigh in on this entry. My little one is usually treated with a ‘spot’ type product that goes on her skin between her shoulder blades. I wont use brand names to avoid your spamming problems, but it starts with ‘A’. Anyhow, whilst being doggysat by my parents just a year ago, she had her first ever flea! They were devastated and consulted other dog loving folk around town and came up with a tablet called C@pst@r. It is available at the supermarket for a really reasonable price and it really does work. Since this first infestation (only one or two fleas could be found), from time to time she picks them up (from the garden I think) and the minute I see one, I administer a ‘C’ tablet. Seems to work well, but I cannot seem to get them out of the garden though. I have read that the Fido’s flea shampoo can be watered onto the garden – I guess just in her favourite sunbaking spot.

    Anyhow, good luck with your treatments, I know how disappointing it is to have our littlest family members suffering!


    • Caityquilter says:

      Trix, thank you for your comment! Once I\’ve used up the $90 for 6 (!!) c0mf0rtis chews, I\’ll give c@pst@r a go – worth a try! I\’ve been combing her with a flea comb every night and the only fleas I\’m seeing now are well and truly dead – but she\’s still itchy, poor thing. We\’ve had success with a shampoo and conditioner called Aloveen – oatmeal based and a teeny dab of the conditioner rubbed in seems to help Con with the itchies. It really is devastating when tye get fleas, isn\’t it – you feel so rotten!

  4. Laurie says:

    Something that helps for the carpet is sprinkling Bor@x on the carpet and let it sit for a bit before vacuuming. It desicates the nasty little critters.

    It’s cold and snowy here so I don’t have to worry about it now. The vet’s office tries to get me to continue the back of the neck stuff all year, which is ridiculous. I hate using chemical warfare as is, but it does work. So we use it when the bugs are in season.

    Hope wee Connie (and you, of course) are doing well.

    • Caityquilter says:

      Aha! Will try the borax – we only have one rug, so that\’s easy! (The rest of the floors are wood). The new drug has worked well but didn\’t last a whole month – I think because the local infestation is just so bad at the moment.

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