That was the year that was…

January 2011: Floods.

The bottom of our street, January 10, 2011

North Street bridge over Gowrie Creek, January 10, 2010

February: Clean-up from floods, plus:

Yarrow, 3 Feb, 2011 - a cheeky baby

And we found termite damage. Which meant that: (with HUGE thanks to Mum and Dad for their generous help)


The house, midway through stump replacement

And April:

New roof

Also new gutters, new water tank, repairs to the solar hot water, new ceilings in two rooms…


Before and after(ish - it's ongoing...)



New CPAP machine (with very cool glyph to RTFM)


We were all sick and sooky


We sacked the Bad Psychiatrist


The bandicoot loves cat food


And we had the red bellied black snake near the house *shudder*


We have a new stove - and a working oven!

Mr Beloved tangled with some of the local wildlife.


More local wildlife

I also did some online art classes; caught some variety of cold or flu every time we went to the doctors, went to the psychologist and psychiatrist and group therapy, had facet joint injections in my spine but then found out I have neuropathic pain (which needs different treatment), and read 174 books (not counting most of the cookbooks and picture books I read and a few that weren’t already in the Shelfari system that I couldn’t be bothered adding.)

Our region turned off the analogue TV signal at the start of December.  We bought a new DVD player somewhere around May but haven’t plugged it in yet (!) so I haven’t watched any DVDs for most of the year.  I didn’t go to the movies at all.  I didn’t sew anything.

Plans for 2012: get the sewing room and front room cleared out and operational; more therapy; walking as much as I can; eating less processed food (and cutting out bought sweets altogether – far better to bake things and know exactly what’s gone into them); and possibly – maybe – enrolling in a uni course (major in creative writing with a minor in history, or possible the other way around.)






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4 Responses to That was the year that was…

  1. Annie says:

    Caity and Mr Beloved FTW!!!!! Hope the next year is most excellent!

    Love from the Morris family

  2. Marcie says:

    Thank you Caity for sharing your trials and triumphs in 2011. Sometimes I wince in sympathy, sometimes I applaud your refusal to kowtow to Fate or the medical profession, sometimes I share your pleasure when things go well…
    Hope the New Year is kind to you, Mr Beloved, and Constance!

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