Day Umpty-seven of The Cold From Hell

Not that I believe in Hell, or Heaven for that matter, but the Bad Place is surely where this cold came from.  After discovering online (oh Dr Google and Dr Wiki, whatever did we do before you?) that any reported side effects of extra doses of the fexofenadine drugs (telfast etc) were also present with placebos, we have been taking TWO tablets a day in an attempt to reduce the lakes of snot gushing from our heads. Once again, thank you ever so much to the generous stranger in the doctors’ waiting room  – your gift just keeps on giving.


(Remember 2009’s swine flu?  Yeah, we caught that one, too.  At least then people were prepared to buy and wear cute masks… although it’s always been the thing to do in Japan.)

Hand sanitisers are not enough when some old codger is liberally and forcefully expelling GERMS throughout the room which are then recycled through the airconditioning… and I say this as one who has had ample time to gaze at the filthy air con outlets in the ceiling of the waiting room.


Poor Mr Beloved is a couple of days behind me, and so is still sneezing, honking, and coughing through half a dozen handkerchiefs per day –  and he can’t use nasal sprays or ice/heat packs to help his sinus pain.  He is just so MISERABLE with it, the poor man.

My Dad always reckons you should stay away from doctors, they make you sick… he’s right.

I  find that eating frozen things helps me feel less stuffy and panicky – I think it helps with reducing the inflammation of my soft palate. ( I have no scientific evidence for this, I’m just going to go with the *belief*, ok?  Self delusion is okay so long as you KNOW that’s what it is…)  so I’ve been into the frozen grapes again (yum!) and have just turned the lovely ripe rockmelon that had been in the fruit bowl into a mushy fragrant orange blend with banana and passionfruit – it freezes, but not rock hard, so you end up with a sort of fruit ice cream.

(Yep, all that fruit is full of FRUCTOSE but it’s still better than eating commercial iceblocks or icecreams…)

Aaaaand now I’m out of Beconase spray again so I’m off to the shops.  Where if I *do* need to cough and sneeze I do it into a kleenex, because I am CIVILISED, unlike the infectious hordes… arrrrgh!