Since last we heard from Our Heroine…

Let’s seeeeeee, what have I been up to?

Well, I didn’t go to group therapy yesterday.  I had a m1graine instead. Niiiiice.  The new med1cat10n I’m starting after I see the nice psychiatrist in January is supposed to help, but I can’t start taking it yet. Second migra1ne this week. Usually I know what my triggers are but I have no idea why I’m getting them at the moment.

Also, I didn’t want to go to group because I am so over being the only atheist in the village (I don’t much like “Little Britain” but that particular character is hilarious.) It’s all very well relating whatever lyrics “back to the model” (this is part of what happens in group, we go over the hexaflex model of ACT – over and over, in the hope that it will stick…)but I am SO OVER HEARING CHRISTIAN SONGS exhorting me to “have faith” etc.  SO. OVER. IT.  Not a useful tool for me, can we please move on? ARRRRGH!

(Other things that happen in group therapy ARE useful.  I am definitely a convert to “open” groups where there are people at all different stages of wellness.  It is helpful to see people with the same illness who are making real progress towards having a better life.)

I did go and see my psychologist today. New rules mean that Medicare only pays for 10 visits in a calendar year, and that many only if you have a Mental Health Care Plan jumped through flaming hoops written for you by your GP.  Actually, nobody REALLY can get any clarification on how the new system will work, everyone I speak to has conflicting info – you get 6 visits then have to apply for more, no, you can only have ONE Mental Health Care Plan per 12 months, no, I heard it’s……  ARRRRRGH!

All that aside, I think I’ve made real progress this year in understanding my issues… learning more about the neurology underlying the psychology has helped.  (FACTS!  I like FACTS!  Give me SCIENCE, not woo!) I even have *gasp* a possibly life changing idea that *might* start sometime in 2012.  (Stay tuned to this EXCITING blog for an EXCITING update! SOON! *insert sarcasm here*)

Other things: I made a banana and raspberry cake last night (to use up bananas that were about to go black, and some raspberries with freezer burn) very similar to this recipe but with rice bran oil instead of butter.  Not bad.  I’m still getting used to the new oven and I under-baked it slightly, but never mind.  It’s still (mostly!) good.

And I put these silly stick on nail polish thingummys on my nails.  They seem to be wearing off rather quickly at the tips (even though I put a topcoat over them) and certainly wouldn’t buy them regularly, but… fun for a change.

Since we don’t really “do” Christmas, I don’t have any Christmas shopping to worry about (YAY!) and can now AVOID the shops except for a quick run for milk and bacon (mmmm, bacon!) tomorrow night.

I’ve been reading: the newest one from Jasper Fforde, “The Last Dragonslayer” – Fforde’s inventiveness reminds me of a childhood favourite, Norman Hunter’s “Professor Branestawm” series. This is a new series from Fforde, aimed at the YA market.  Lovely writing and a sequel has just been published – “Song of the Quarkbeast”.

According to my Shelfari list, I’ve read 170 books this year. I was a late comer to The Hunger Games Trilogy, but I’d certainly rate that as the most haunting series I’ve read in 2011.  And along with half the planet, I loved Erin Morgenstern’s “Night Circus”.  I’ve just started reading Christopher Fowler’s “Bryant and May” series (police procedurals with quirky twists, set in London) – don’t you love it when you find a series new to you with LOTS of books already written?

Upcoming reading: I’m really looking forward to David Finch’s memoir “The Journal Of Best Practices: a Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man’s Quest to Be a Better Husband” – for reasons that will become obvious later in the song.  (Now does *that* reference date me!! Hands up anyone who is now suffering from a Bob Hudson earworm?!)

And now it’s almost time to go and heat up some leftover (homemade, we don’t get takeaway or eat out…) Thai Red chicken curry for tea.



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  1. Yes, The Newcastle Song dates me to. I don.t know what they are doing with the Mental Health Plans. I paid for my eleventh visit, and I have one booked for Feb but no-one really knows if I need a new plan for the calendar year or if it still counts for the time I made the last one. You would think they would make a bit of an effort. I saw there was a report on mental health on the 7-30 report tonight. I’ve not watched it yet. Good luck with your migraines.

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