The continuing story of …meh.

So.  Long time no post.  (Which phrase inevitably reminds me of one of the classic lines in “Yes  Minister” when Jim Hacker meets the President of Biranda, and says “Long time no see” to which the President replies “No need to use pigeon English with me, Jim”… but I digress.)

(“Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister “are both even funnier once you’re no longer working in the Public Service.  While you are entrenched in the PS, they are practically training videos.)

(Again, I digress.)

So what’s been happening? Not much.  The new stove continues to be wonderful – and yes, we have had zucchini slice.  Yum.

I made a birthday cake for a friend:

(it was Rose Levy Beranbaum’s “Chocolate Domingo” cake (from her classic “The Cake Bible”) , lovely and rich, but because the birthday girl had requested “Death by Chocolate” I added chocolate ganache (equal parts of dark chocolate and cream) icing.  And the rose on top is from our poor old unkillable rose bush by the front gate – no idea what variety it is, but despite years of neglect (and the occasional drift of Roundup) it thrives and gives us these lovely loose highly scented roses every year.

Wendy and me

OMFG I AM HUGE!!  Well, we knew that.  Anyway, I’m doing what I can to address that – and in the new year I get to start on a new medication that might help.  Let’s hope so.  The past 2 years have not been good for my health – I’m really hoping to get off the medication that makes me constantly feel HUNGRY  (hence the weight gain – duh!) and on to one that makes me feel FULL.  Fingers crossed.  I already have the script filled but I’m not starting a new med when the psych ward is closed for Christmas and the psychiatrist is unavailable!

There has been much screeching from our birds – especially young Yarrow, our flood baby bird (He’s the best talker but the least tame of any bird we’ve ever had, because he was born right around our flood disaster time: here he is in a lovely baby pic in February:

Yarrow's baby pic, Feb 2011

and here’s a more recent pic:

Yarrow in his bachelor pad

Yarrow LOVES screeching at things – especially at Mr Beloved.  Yarrow also has a funny cockatiel quirk we haven’t come across before – he argues with himself in two different voices.  Hilarious.  ANYWAY, it’s the time of year when we get visits from other birds, both in our bottle-brush tree out the front and in the neighbour’s conifer (I have no idea what sort it is):

Can you see them?

[as always, clicky for biggy]

How about now?!

Yep, the Rainbow Lorikeets are back.  They’re not tame but they’re not scared of humans – I was standing right at our fence taking these photos, and the birds were curious but unafraid.  They’re very noisy, which is why our cockatiels screech back at them, especially when the lories are right outside our front yard where our birds can see them.  Cockatiels have amazing eyesight, they will screech when they see me right at the other end of the block.

And now I must get showered and go face the teeming hordes… Medicare have screwed up a refund payment, leaving us rather shorter of $$ than I had anticipated, and unless I go see them I know it won’t get fixed.  I’m also hoping to find a set of star shaped cookie cutters (I know, I know, I’ve left it waaaaaay too late…) or even a SINGLE star shaped cookie cutter – I have some Christmas cookies to make (since that’s going to be the cheapest (and nicest) way out of some obligatory gift giving.  At the stage I’d settle for a heart shaped cutter even…

Group therapy again tomorrow, my second last session for the year.  It’s exhausting but helpful… 9 til 2 with half an hour for morning tea and the same for lunch.  You just get so much more LEARNING done in a long session, rather than the one hour you get with a regular psychologist appointment.  But I am really wrung out by the end of it.

byeeee for now…


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  1. Hi Caity, I’m just saying hi- and good luck with the cookie cutters!
    Come to the classroom and say hi to everyone when you are up to it.
    …show us some of your lovely faces.


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