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Day Umpty-seven of The Cold From Hell

Not that I believe in Hell, or Heaven for that matter, but the Bad Place is surely where this cold came from.  After discovering online (oh Dr Google and Dr Wiki, whatever did we do before you?) that any reported … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

Ahhhhhh!  The joyous day AFTER a miserable bout of gastro has arrived.  Even though I am still battling the remnants of the head cold (and again, thank you EVER so much to the charmer who coughed their germs all over … Continue reading

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Just to add to my Christmas joy – I now not only have a head cold of man-flu proportions (I am a *terrible* patient!) but gastro as well.  My only consolation is that I am not expected to be anywhere … Continue reading

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It never fails!

So on Monday we saw Our Lovely GP – I needed to sort out some scr1pts, organise some blood tests for h0rm0ne levels (about which more another time), get a letter to excuse me from jury duty and we had … Continue reading

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Since last we heard from Our Heroine…

Let’s seeeeeee, what have I been up to? Well, I didn’t go to group therapy yesterday.  I had a m1graine instead. Niiiiice.  The new med1cat10n I’m starting after I see the nice psychiatrist in January is supposed to help, but … Continue reading

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The continuing story of …meh.

So.  Long time no post.  (Which phrase inevitably reminds me of one of the classic lines in “Yes  Minister” when Jim Hacker meets the President of Biranda, and says “Long time no see” to which the President replies “No need … Continue reading

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