Depressed, broke, and not much to say….

I’m not feeling very well. The black dog has got me in its teeth at the moment, and I’m finding it hard to do much more than sleep and eat. I’m too broke to buy a birthday present for my friend’s birthday on Thursday (I am making her a cake, though, and have made sure that we have all the ingredients) and normally I’d just MAKE something but… meh.  No energy, no enthusiasm. Zero creativity.

Probably didn’t help that I had a migraine last week and so didn’t go to group therapy.

Dramatic Re-enactment of the Migraine

Oh, and I have to see the pain management specialist on Thursday – wheeee.


The “broke” part is due to some mismanagement on my part – we had a couple of bills to pay AND I took Constance to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. Necessary, but expensive, and we’ll be paying off the card for a while… but Connie’s health is important to us.  I just could have timed it better, I guess.

That’s all.