First pizzas… and the renovation saga continues.

My simple pizza

So the new stove got its first run last night – not with anything super-special, but with lazy pizzas.  We don’t even make the dough – just use a round of Lebanese  (pita) bread, slap something appropriately tomatoey on (last night, as we often do, we used tomato paste) then the toppings – I had some ham, pepperoni and black olives and cheese.

Mr Beloved likes his pizzas slightly taller and more elaborate:

Mr Beloved's pizza

He added pineapple, bocconcini, a lot more tomato paste and sundried tomatoes in oil.

Mr B's pizza, cooking

The oven performed well above expectations – we set it at 170 C (well below the approx 220 C the old stove needed for pizza.) It heats up quickly and the “intensive cook” setting (fan forced with both top and bottom element on) worked brilliantly for pizzas – they crisped up quickly on the bottom and everything melted on top.

Don't forget the puppy, Dad!

It will be interesting to try the smaller, top oven – but that’s not happening today because I’m STILL fighting the Dreaded Lurgey  – today with added gastro symptoms!  YAY!  *headdesk*.

Mr B made his usual post-prandial coffee in his sputtery old Bialetti-style espresso maker

We have a *copy* of this beastie

and when it leaked onto the new stove top, it wasn’t a problem!  The hob has a little red light that warns that the hob might still be hot (useful!) and when it was a cool, a quick swipe with some damp paper towel got rid of the drips.  SUCH a difference from having to dismantle the whole top of the stove to clean a spill!

The electricians were very good, made the stove connection LONG enough that we can move the stove out by a over a metre so we can clean the wall behind it (and eventually install a splashback.  Yep, our kitchen is somewhat primitive – when Mr B bought the place 15 years ago there was an old wood stove and that was ALL.)  So no rangehood or exhaust fan (yet) and because the last stove was connected to gas (until it developed the death leak) it couldn’t be moved out from the wall – so the gunk built up.  Ugh.  I’ve attacked some of it with bicarb, vinegar and lots of elbow grease – but getting that sort of baked on grease off paintwork pretty much takes the paint with it.

AAAAAND the electrician let us know there was no point trying to get a circuit breaker to fit our old fuse box – “You can’t get the parts, love!”  –  So we have more fuse wire but will eventually have to upgrade.  Oh, and fix the !@&!^(*^ earth stake thingummy that the builders did wrong (they put it in concrete – not earth – *headdesk*) and replace the last bit of cotton covered wiring to one light switch (WHICH I THOUGHT HAD BEEN ALREADY DONE!!!) Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!  In short, with labour, about another $1000 worth of work.  Which will just bloody well have to wait, because we don’t have the money. Apaprently none of it is super urgent, just ANNOYING.

And so far as I know – the electricians DID NOT BREAK ANYTHING!  This may well be a first for the tradesmen we have dealt with this year. Yay? They also turned up when they said they would and cost what they quoted.  Gotta be happy with that.


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