AT LAST! New stove is here, woooohoooo!

This is it – a Belling (from Britain) multifunction, double oven stove with ceramic cooktop.  SO EXCITING!!  The electrician will be here first thing in the morning to connect it and then LOOK OUT!

I’m NOT going to go berserk cooking cakes and desserts, because I’m trying very hard to eat better.  But on payday I’m hoping we can get a nice leg of lamb (oooh, roast meat, how I’ve missed you!) and before then I think we have enough veges on hand to make the notorious zucchini slice.

I am going to gradually replace my cake tins/cookie slides/ baking tins that have gone rusty and can’t be rejuvenated.   And we need a frying pan or wok for the top of the stove, that’s for sure – our benchspace is so limited that we need to put away the electric frypan we’ve been relying on as soon as we can.  Somehow I need to get all my art stuff out of the kitchen so we can use the kitchen table as benchspace…. yikes, we have some reorganising to do!

(I’ve still been sick with the Dreaded Lurgey this week – today was the first morning I haven’t woken up coughing.  YAY! )

Not much else to report – I’m happily reading cookbooks and looking forward to making a birthday cake in the next fortnight.

2 Replies to “AT LAST! New stove is here, woooohoooo!”

  1. What a handsome beast, I’m sure the two of you will have a long and happy relationship!
    (I have found excellent cake tins at opshops, just need a scrub) but nonstick pans are marvellous!

    1. Thanks, Marcie! It had its first run last night, home made pizzas – heated up FAST and cooked beautifully. Then coffee for Mr Beloved in the sputtery old Bialletti espresso maker – the dribbles wiped off so easily, it\’s actually going to be FUN keeping it clean! I was just think op shops might be the way to go for tins, you just can\’t buy the same quality as the old ones….

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