On cooking…

I may have mentioned we’re getting a new stove at long last, right?  (YIPPEEEEEEEE!)

I enjoy cooking, but I *love*  baking.  So much.  And I’ve missed being able to cook – I haven’t even wanted to try anything new or look in my cookbooks for ages.

But I recently bought a cookbook I’ve enjoyed reading (even though I have yet to make any of the recipes)

The subtitle is “Nourishment for the Traditionally Built”… Love that!

I loved the TV series of The Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, and this cookbook has excerpts from Alexander McCall Smith’s books included with the relevant recipes.

And that’s something it has in common with the very first cookbook I ever owned:

(none of your stupid Disney-fied Pooh here – this is the genuine EH Shepard Pooh!)

And you can tell which recipes are the really good ones by the splatters:

We made pancakes last night (but sadly, not from this recipe, which is indeed the best I have ever used – we had some mix leftover that I’d made from Nigella’s “Express” cookbook, which makes a much thicker, more American style of pancake.  Still yummy with a bit of golden syrup and lemon (we had no caster sugar in the house!) but not as nice as these thinner crepe style pancakes.

The next few images are from Mr Beloved:

This is the old stove, which we covered with a piece of board and some plastic to increase our workspace.

This is the extent of our kitchen bench space.