In other news… psychotherapy and some distractions

I saw my psychiatr1st again today.  We talked about medicat1on changes (scary!) but I don’t think I’ll be changing anything until the new year.  Frustrating but at the same time, necessary – I might need to go inpatient for a little while as we change the prescript1ons, and the ward closes over Christmas/New Years. (You don’t want to mess with psych meds, they interact unexpectedly and the changeover can be weird.)


(Look at the pretty flower and the intensely interested dog!)

Group therapy… was better last week, but still scary.  I go again tomorrow.  It’s completely exhausting.  Last week was much better than the first week, but it’s still very intense  – partly because of just HOW LONG you’re sitting there, and partly because you just don’t know what’s going to come up – and I wasn’t ready to deal with some of the issues that were raised last week. Then on Friday I had another two hours of therapy on top of groups – arrrrrgh!  My brain hurts!

Nigella damascena seedpod

I’m also doing homework  – working through some of the “Infopax” that are available FREE online from the Centre for Clinical Intervention in Western Australia.  I’m currently working through the “What me, Worry?” modules.  Their approach is based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is ok – I’ll take what works for me and let what doesn’t work go.   (The group therapy and one-on-one therapy I do is based on Acceptance Commitment Therapy which is a different way of looking at things and one I find works better for me generally.)

The new door curtain

We had a disappointment with the tie dyed shirts – the sizes were WRONG!  (See this post on Mr Beloved’s blog for details – essentially, the store short-changed us in the size by saying the size was the same as last year but making the shirt SMALLER!)

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