I can’t wait for it to arrive!

“It” being   – ta da – THIS!

Our new stove!  It’s a British brand, Belling, which I hadn’t come across before (but Dad tells me that Nana had a “Baby Belling Stovette” in her kitchen in Leeton from 1940 something and it was still there and working when they sold the house 60 years later…)

I’m super excited.  We ordered it yesterday and it will take about a week to arrive.  The delivery charge of $54 includes removal and disposal of the old stove, so that’s one more thing taken care of. (I haven’t phoned the electrician yet to ask how much for his part of the installation – must do that.)

We haven’t had a completely working stove since May 2010 when the hotplates on our current stove stuffed up… and we were told “You can’t get the parts, love.”  Then at the start of August this year the oven stopped working.  Which means only the grill works. FRUSTRATING!

And I was really getting tired of not being able to cook simple meals – especially things like my beloved zucchini slice and the family recipe for tuna pie that is so good that once my sister phoned home from her holidays just to get the recipe.  Strangely, I need my oven more in Summer than in Winter – being able to have something already made in the fridge to just have a salad with is important.

And even though we don’t do a big fuss for Christmas, I do like to have some fruit cake. And be able to make birthday cakes for friends.  I enjoy that and I’ve missed being able to do it.  And PIZZA!  We don’t buy commercial pizzas because we prefer our own versions (lebanese pita bread as the base, good quality ingredients for the topping, and not too much cheese.)  The new oven even has a special setting for pizza!

The controls look complicated but after I read the instruction manual online they made sense – you can have fan or not, heat just the top element, just the bottom, or both, and you don’t need to heat up the larger (69 Litre) of the two ovens for a batch of scones or a simple cake – the smaller (39 Litre) oven (which also doubles as the grill with different control settings) is just as good, apparently.  We shall see.

So thanks, Mum and Dad – this is a super brilliant Christmas pressie!!


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