We were headed downstairs, just about to wash the dye off the latest batch of t-shirts when ….


yelled Mr Beloved.

No questions, I just grabbed Connie and rushed back upstairs.

Sure, it was only a little snake – but even one this size could easily have killed our beloved Connie.  (Or could have made either of us quite sick, given our blood pressure issues. They are NOT TO BE MESSED WITH!)  We phoned the snake man*and Mr Beloved kept a wary distance and watched the hole where the snake had hidden.

Turns out it was a Red Bellied Black Snake – not very common in our area (mainly because they eat frogs and unfortunately they get poisoned by !@^&%&* cane toads – but a biologist friend informs me that those that do survive are increasingly immune to toad poison).

The snake man was THRILLED because it was the first one he’s caught this season. And he really loved his work – while I am not enamoured of snakes it’s always nice to meet someone who is passionate about something, whatever it is.

You can just see the red stripe along the side if you clicky for biggy on this pic.  The more the snake man explained about it, the more I could appreciate that it was a beautiful animal – I am still appropriately scared of the buggers, but I now understand more about this species.  We got to watch the snake urinate and regurgitate (a small skink) – there, who needs to pay for the Discovery Channel, eh?!

It’s not the first snake in our yard and I doubt it will be the last, given our proximity to the local creek.  It was the first we had to pay to get removed – mostly because it was so close to the house and Mr Beloved was 90% sure it was a red bellied black.

Quite enough excitement for one day, thankyouverymuch!

Although the snake man DID get bitten – NOT by a snake, LOL! He had some live food just bought from the pet shop in his vehicle, and the little rotters escaped and he got BIT rounding them up!  Betadine spray applied and live food dealt with…

*For Toowoomba Locals: the link given has the snake man’s phone number; otherwise do a search on the Toowoomba Chronicle for “snake man” and you’ll get the same story.


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2 Responses to EEEEEEK!!

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    I know this was costly and no fun for you, but in some sense I’m enchanted at the idea that you have a snake man to call, just as I might call a plumber to root out the drains.

    • Caityquilter says:

      We actually have MULTIPLE snake men we could call, but this one is the closest and the best! I never thought about that, I should see what other weird numbers I have programmed into my phone… plumber.. psychiatrist.. mental health emergency team… dog catcher…dog groomer…the number for the electricity company unexpected power outages line… nah, all the rest are pretty normal, I guess!

      We\’re being super wary about anything that even LOOKS like it could be a snake. Oddly enough, spiders actually scare me more, and at night without my glasses on EVERYTHING looks like a spider…

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