The first rule of Fight Club…

So yesterday Wednesday was the first time I went to Group Therapy.  And one of the rules is that what happens at group, stays in group. (Hence the reference to the Chuck Palahniuk novel (and later movie) from which the famous quote “The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.”)

So I can’t say much about it except: oh maaaaaaaaaaan was it EXHAUSTING!  It lasts from 9 am til 2 pm with a break for morning tea and a break for lunch. I was tense the whole time (my muscles were screaming by the time I got home) and I was severely dehydrated (aircon? I am not used to aircon!)  I usually drink around 3 litres of water a day, because the psych meds make my mouth feel constantly dry – and I had no water until lunchtime and then not enough – arrrrrgh! We’re not supposed to have food or drink in the group room but I am going to have to have water with me next time or leave every 1/2 hour to have a drink.

Apart from that – I HATED IT. Really hated it.  I understand that group therapy is supposed to be about other people’s stuff bringing up things you might not have wanted to deal with yet, that the idea is that everyone benefits from learning from the group leaders and you get much more time spent with psychologists and support staff this way than is otherwise possible BUT… I really hated it.  It was long and boring and a lot of it didn’t feel relevant at all.  If it was a closed group where everyone was learning the same stuff I think I’d do better – but this is an open group where some people are much closer to well than others.  And because it’s “client guided” (ie whatever people bring up is what gets dealt with) there isn’t much structure.  It’s all “based on the literature” but I jut didn’t find it was helpful.

Am I going back? I have to.  I  don’t want to but I made a deal with myself that I’d at least give it two weeks… I’m supposed to go for 6 weeks.




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  1. Can you offer feedback? Cause I have to say, your post makes some good critque about attendee comfort and relevance

    1. Karen, I\’ll definitely be offering feedback next Wednesday – there\’s a capacity for one-on-one within group time and I have started a list of things I need to mention…..

    1. LOL! I said at the end of the session I wasn\’t comfortable and the nurse facilitator had a show of hands asking \”Who didn\’t like group therapy their first week?\” – everyone put their hand up. Whether that\’s compliant behaviour because they didn\’t want to disappoint or spend any more time there is another matter…

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