Very cool (Not coming to a tv station near you) TV show

Mr Beloved keeps an eye out for interesting things online, and found a new show which we just LOVE!  We’ve only watched 2 episodes so far (there are five available now) but we’re impressed.  It’s a crowd sourced, downloadable scifi show called Pioneer One.

Pioneer One is an original series about the lone survivor of a lost Soviet mission to Mars and the Cold War tensions he reignites when he returns to Earth.  The first four of six episodes have been downloaded over 7,00,000 times.

In March 2010, writer Josh Bernhard and director Bracey Smith quit their jobs and set out to produce the pilot episode of Pioneer One as a proof-of-concept for how the series could eventually be produced and released.  Funds were raised through a Kickstarter campaign, favors were called in, and much sleep was lost.  The pilot was shot through the end of April 2010 and was released online on June 15th, 2010 on

Bypassing the traditional network model, Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith, dedicated themselves to creating a television series that is totally financed on viewer donations — essentially a “tv series, without tv”.

The series has just finished shooting its first season which consists of six full-length episodes.

We think it’s some of the best TV we’ve seen this year.  (Okay, the first two eps of the new season of House have been pretty cool, and so has the reboot of the original CSI with Ted Danson coming in as the new supervisor, but Peioneer One is definitely up there.)

Download an ep and watch it, and if you like Pioneer One you can help get more of it made.  How cool is that?

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