In which Our Heroine sees the Pain Management Specialist (again)

So today we went to the pain management specialist for a follow up  – after the Facet Joint Injections of a few weeks ago didn’t help.  So what WILL help?  We’re trying a new med1c1ne called Lyr1ca.  The only problem is that if it DOES work, it will cost about $100 per month – it’s not on the Pharmaceut1cal Benefits Scheme so I’d have to pay the full amount. Not sure if we can manage that.

The other things that WILL help: keeping up with the walking  – I’m not getting any faster but I am managing to do a little more each day  (today I walked for 28 minutes); and mindfulness training.

[cartoon by the wonderful Judy Horacek]

Last Friday I went to the first of 10 sessions on Mindfulness Skills at my psychologist’s office.  It was a group of about 10 women but this is skills training, not a whiny “group therapy” kinda thing – thank goodness!  The first session ran over time because the psych was explaining the neurology behind the psychology  – how the frontal lobes interact with the limbic system and what happens chemically when the mind perceives something as a threat.  Good stuff, and very helpful.

On Thursday I go for my intake interview for ACT group therapy up at the local private hospital – I need to check if my insurance covers it first.

I had gastro (AGAIN!  WTF? WHY?! ARRGH!) on Sunday and missed watching most of the Formula One Grand Prix as a result.  We’re pretty sure it was caused by drinking the town water (AGAIN) – this time from a bubbler in Queen’s Park when we took Connie for a walk in the off-leash area.  I have had gastro before when I’ve drunk water from a friend’s house – at home I drink either our tank water or fizzy mineral water from the supermarket.  I wish I could prove it was the town water making me sick, but I’m not going to double blind test myself to be sure!

I’m still way behind in my online art classes, since the pain has been bad and that means I just don’t get much of anything done.  Ah well, I’ll catch up.  The new med1c1ne is supposed to make you drowsy so perhaps I’ll get to sleep earlier instead of lying awake…  I need 10 hours of sleep to function at all, so the earlier I can get to sleep the better.

That’s about it for now – I’m going to go draw.



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