Arrgh! BEHIND!

So I’m way behind on the art classes I’m enrolled in online.  Luckily they’re in formats where I can catch up…

So what have I been doing instead?  Ummm…

Well, today we went to the doctor – our GP is BRILLIANT and if she ever leaves her current practice we may have to follow her (ewwww, that sounded kinda stalky, didn’t it?)  She is so helpful and sensible and even like the same tv programmes we do (we joked about needing the ‘traditionally built” blood pressure cuff, since we are fans of the books and now the wonderful TV version of Alexander McCall Smith’s “Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”) and what an utter perfectly played bastard the neurosurgeon Monroe is.

Jill Scott and Desmond Dube in a scene from The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency... I covet her teaset!

(I LOVE the dresses Jill Scott wears as Precious Ramotswe – and I desperately want her tea set, if anyone knows the pattern! I’ve left the photo HUGE so we can all admire the tea set – the cups are different colours, there’s a pink, blue, and yellow one as well as the green in this picture. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)

In other news: I’m walking!  As the pain management specialist wanted me to.  At a pace where I get puffed but can still talk (just!) I am now up to 24 minutes every day. (My last post I was doing 10 minutes – so a big improvement there!)  WOOOOT!  I’m not actually *enjoying* it yet, but I do know that I am coping with the back pain much better – and if I don’t walk, the pain is worse.

Our local library here has just started lending e-audio books!  I’ve “borrowed” (downloaded onto my little MP3 player) Kerry Greenwood’s “Away With The Fairies” to listen to while I walk – BEING VERY CONSCIOUS of keeping the volume low enough to still hear traffic and also BEING AWARE as I cross roads – no “iPod Oblivion” for me – sadly, a young girl was killed in Melbourne just this week while listening to her iPod – didn’t hear the train.

And now it’s time for my walk – arrrgh, where did the day go?



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