No clever titles today…

Mum and Dad have two (spoilt, is there any other kind?) cats, who, on rainy miserable days put their paws over their noses and declare the day cancelled.

My back has decided today is cancelled.

Nothing is helping – not icepacks, not painkillers, not reading, not stretching, not lying still, not moving.  NOTHING.  We have resorted to taking photos of my back with drawings of where the pain is, in an attempt to document it for the next visit to the pain management specialist (tomorrow week.)  Today’s drawing featured a skull and crossbones where the worst of the pain was – Mr Beloved, at least, makes every effort to cheer me up.

(No, I’m not including photos of my bare back with drawings on it, because I am too FAT.  Look at the very cute dog photo from earlier in the year instead.  Sooooo cute!)

Constance with a ball

We had a mini cold snap on the weekend, with the temperature dropping to 2 C one morning.  Connie had a BIG haircut and has even less fur than in this photo – poor darling kept squirming her way under the covers with us!  Today is warmer (17 C as I’m writing this) but very grey and overcast.

I am going to go read one of the mindfulness books, I think.  Because trying NOT to focus on the pain doesn’t help – being there with the pain and observing it might.  And I will put some shoes and socks on and waddle up the road for 5 minutes and back for 5 minutes, in between the rain showers.

I’m trying to do the right thing but my back isn’t cooperating!

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  1. Love the picture of Constance-she is soooo like Bonnie-even down to cuddling up further in the bed after her recent haircut. She isnt much into balls these days-I do most of the running and fetching!

    1. Judith, I don\’t think I could ever be without a poodle again – they enrich our lives soooo much!

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