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More of the Adorable Dog

Sometimes I am surprised by just how much joy she brings into our lives. You know you are loved when you are welcomed home by a poodle – the boings and twirly dance of joy are the same whether you’ve … Continue reading

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We were headed downstairs, just about to wash the dye off the latest batch of t-shirts when …. “SNAAAAAAKE!!!” yelled Mr Beloved. No questions, I just grabbed Connie and rushed back upstairs. Sure, it was only a little snake – … Continue reading

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Adorable Dog


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Unreformed, Unapologetic Hippies

Yep. We dye and wear tie dyes.  PROUDLY! This is probably going to be the new doorway curtain between the lounge and bedroom. Due to excess fabric stash and “not enough bread” we will be making clothes from this book … Continue reading

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The first rule of Fight Club…

So yesterday Wednesday was the first time I went to Group Therapy.  And one of the rules is that what happens at group, stays in group. (Hence the reference to the Chuck Palahniuk novel (and later movie) from which the … Continue reading

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Today is a good day to dye….

At last!  Mr Beloved and I have been planning this for a couple of weeks now but the weather (and our energy levels!) have been working against us.  Today I managed to get out of bed at a reasonable hour … Continue reading

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Very cool (Not coming to a tv station near you) TV show

Mr Beloved keeps an eye out for interesting things online, and found a new show which we just LOVE!  We’ve only watched 2 episodes so far (there are five available now) but we’re impressed.  It’s a crowd sourced, downloadable scifi … Continue reading

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In which Our Heroine sees the Pain Management Specialist (again)

So today we went to the pain management specialist for a follow up  – after the Facet Joint Injections of a few weeks ago didn’t help.  So what WILL help?  We’re trying a new med1c1ne called Lyr1ca.  The only problem … Continue reading

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Arrgh! BEHIND!

So I’m way behind on the art classes I’m enrolled in online.  Luckily they’re in formats where I can catch up… So what have I been doing instead?  Ummm… Well, today we went to the doctor – our GP is … Continue reading

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No clever titles today…

Mum and Dad have two (spoilt, is there any other kind?) cats, who, on rainy miserable days put their paws over their noses and declare the day cancelled. My back has decided today is cancelled. Nothing is helping – not … Continue reading

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