Well, that sorta kinda didn’t work….and the BANDICOOT!

(I had a bad night last night…)

The back thing? Sorta kinda didn’t work.  The goal with this procedure was to see if I had an immediate reduction in pain… which I didn’t.  Wellllll – some bits of my back feel better, and maybe that’s why other parts feel like they’re hurting more now?  I JUST DON’T KNOW!  It’s very frustrating and last night I ended up quite anxious and feeling like a failure because “I didn’t get better” – however, we know that sort of thinking is not helpful – it’s NOT black and white, there are shades of grey that I have to consider!

Fortunately I am seeing the pain management specialist again in a fortnight.

(Also – I ate WAAAAAAAY too much sugar yesterday and my neurons were PINGING around my head – arrrgh!  That does NOT help my anxiety, and I need to remember not to do that!)

Looks like I might be doing two lots of group therapy – one for ACT and one specifically on mindfulness.  Arrgh!  My initial reaction to group therapy is “oh NO, not another group of whingers!” because unless the person in charge is REALLY in charge, that’s what groups all too easily degenerate into.  (And that was my experience in forced group therapy as an outpatient in Canberra – a complete waste of everybody’s time.)  The mindfulness group is being run by the practice where I see the Helpful Psychologist, though, and I think that will be worth doing.

Meanwhile, I’m probably the last person I know to read The Hunger Games trilogy – I tend to avoid things that have been so over-hyped but wow, these books really ARE good! Near future dystopia, brilliantly written. I will probably avoid the upcoming film, though.

And now for the important part of this post: last night, Mr Beloved managed to capture an image of OUR BANDICOOT!

Hello, Bandicoot!

[clicky for biggy]

He (? could be a she) really likes the cat biscuits – especially Whiskas Senior Furball formula!  Mr Beloved has seen him almost nightly, coming in to get a feed, and so long as you don’t try to talk to him the bandicoot is quite happy.   And as Mr B. says, let’s see the Council try to levy a pet rego fee on THAT !


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