Thoughts on the New Psychiatrist

Well, the much anticipated appointment with the New Psychiatrist was this morning.  And….

… it went well.

One of my friends’ daughter in law was a patient of the same psychiatrist and complained that her accent made her difficult to understand (this will pretty much identify the psych in question to any locals!) but Mr Beloved and I found her to be perfectly intelligible.

The New Psychiatrist (new to me, not new to the profession) is very nice.  Sensible. Asked what *I* wanted.  LOGICAL.  Not patronising.  Very understanding that I fear a relapse, and that when I am ready we can look at changing the med1cat1ons I’m on so I can lose weight.

Such a relief.

So it looks like I’ll be even going to group therapy *involuntary shudder* – last time I had to go it was horrible.  BUT this time it’s focussed on the same therapy I’ve been working on with my Helpful Psychologist (ACT and Mindfulness).  So I’ll give it a go, at least until the health fund cover runs out.

Tomorrow: hospital and hopefully relief from the back pain. YAY!