Another girl drawing from Jane's class

(Yep, the philtrum – that piece of tissue between the nose and lip – is wonky in this drawing.  Never mind, it’s another chance to learn…  This one was done with prismacolor pencils, using the cream prismacolor to blend, on plain journal paper.)

Went to the pain management specialist today – he agreed that the pain was the same as last time, so we’re going to try what worked last time – the facet joint injections again.

He did also offer nerve cautery – but if I can get away with just the injections, I will.  The main thing is to get me walking again, because the doctor pointed out that a good 1/2 hour walk (you have to be just slightly out of breath but still able to talk) is worth so many mg of morph1ne for pain relief, and a 45 minute walk everyday is as good as an ant1depressant… I’m not going to argue, I know I’ve read such studies somewhere, but it will take a while for me to work back up to that level.

So I probably won’t be online much this week… we’ll see how things go with the new psychiatrist tomorrow.


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