Sunday Sunday

And not much has happened here to report…

My back is still crook,  but it’s only a week until I see the pain management specialist and hopefully get the facet joint injections done.  I’m off to the chiropractor tomorrow (mainly because he does a great job on my upper back, he can’t really help with the lumbar spine stuff at the moment) and then I will have a stroll with my camera in Laurel Bank Park while it’s all tarted up for the Carnivore of Fowls (Carnival of Flowers, LOL!)

I cheated - this picture of decorative kale was taken at last years Carnival of Flowers

The weather has warmed up – after that cold snap last week when one morning “felt like” -2 with the wind chill, we now have a “mini heat wave”  – today is 27 C and the rest of the week is supposed to get even warmer. Lots of burn-offs happening this weekend so that sky is hazy and my lungs are a bit wheezy – nothing that the preventer isn’t managing, though.

The plumbers are coming tomorrow to fix the roof and downpipe leaks – we really hadn’t had heavy rain on the new roof until a couple of weeks ago, so we didn’t know about the leaks!

I haven’t got as much drawing or painting done as I would like this week, since I seem to have had remarkably few upright and lucid hours… so I’m feeling a bit behind in both my classes with Jane and Suzi.  This warm weather gets the gessoed pages dry quickly, so on to drawing tonight/tomorrow.


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