Drawing faces… and fingers crossed

Wonky weird faces, yeah, but recognisably FACES!  Most of these took under a minute.  No joking.  JANE is an AWESOME TEACHER!!  This is the first lesson we’ve had in drawing faces and she breaks it down so it’s very doable.  Quite different to Suzi’s style – I’m loving that I’m learning so much from this online stars!

[as always, clicky for biggy]

An A4 page of basic faces...

And another A4 page!

Importantly, I discovered that I do not enjoy doing preliminary sketches using the Prismacolor pencils – love ’em for shading, but HATE them for drawing!  I’ll be doing some more of these but either using the Prismacolor Verithins (which sharpen to a satisfyingly CRISP point) or the black Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil.

In other news, we saw our lovely GP today, and she’s managed to get me in to see the pain management specialist in the next fortnight!  My back has not eased up at all and it’s now stopping me from even walking very far – so something has to be done.  I had a series of facet joint injections some four years ago which made a HUGE difference – I’ve been trying not to go down that path again  (it’s a hospital procedure) but I just can’t stand the constant pain any more (not to mention the icepacks, brrr!).  I’m hoping that once my back settles down I’ll be able to walk more for exercise… fingers crossed.


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