New book! (Thanks to Allen and Unwin)

I was so thrilled when Mr Beloved brought home the post today – look what I won!

A Sick Day For Amos McGee

I answered a question in one of the mailing list competitions Allen and Unwin send via email.

“But wait!” you might be saying to yourself “Caity, you don’t have kids!  You don’t even particularly LIKE kids!”  and this is true.  And often I have been verbally bashed about the head for expressing that opinion.  Child, singular, or even children, when under the supervision of their parent, and behaving reasonably, I can just about manage but kids, on the loose, unsupervised? NO THANKS! And that last includes the (now departed) tribe of Shouty Neighbours whose children galumphed up and down their wooden hallway not three metres from my bedroom window before 6 am EVERY DAMN MORNING and… wait, take a breath, where was I??

Ah yes!  Why am I so excited about a children’s book?  Well, to start with it’s a Caldecott Medal Winner – a sure guide to bloody excellent kid’s books since 1938 (this link will take you to a full listing).  The illustration style is just beeeeeyoootiful – “created using wood blocks for color work and pencil lines for detailing” according to her Wiki page. And if you go to the Dread Amazon’s link you can see some more of the pages.   The story is enchanting, too.

So suck it up – I don’t like kids, but I DO like kid’s picture books – they’re inspiring and their economical use of words (or not) is much harder than it looks.

Thanks, Allen and Unwin – you made my day!

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2 Responses to New book! (Thanks to Allen and Unwin)

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Caity, you are my first blog visit from Supplies Me. Like you I don’t have kids either but have quite a collection of wonderful childrens’s books especially picture books as I just love some of the art.

    • Caityquilter says:

      G\’day Judith! Yep, I find kid\’s books are just so inspiring, why should only kids get to appreciate them!

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