“Supplies Me” – Jane Davenport Workshop!

I’m super excited to be taking part in Jane Davenport’s new online workshop, “Supplies Me”.

When I met Jane at the Scrapbooking convention in Brisbane in June, she mentioned that this class was in the planning stages.  And now it’s HERE!!  It’s not to late to come and join the fun, class starts on September 8.

This is a jam packed class where the lovely Jane will be taking us through using all sorts of art supplies – there’s a coloured pencil week, watercolour week, and so on,  all with great videos and exercises and learning to draw faces and bodies and and and I just CAN’T WAIT to get started!

I’m also going to put in a quick plug for Jane’s online shop, The Insitute Of Cute (and also her In Real Life store of the same name in Byron Bay, which I am determined to visit one day!).  She stocks things that I can’t get anywhere else – the Prismacolor ColErase drawing pencil that has become my new favourite drawing pencil, for one. (I don’t get anything in return for this plug, I’m just a happy customer!)

And she also has a thing for ladybugs – long time friends (I’m looking at you, Nicole and Marion!) will know that I have long had a BIG thing about them too – ladybugs kept popping up as earrings and in my sewing stuff way back!

Anyway, I hope you’ll come and join the fun.

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  1. ANd you Miss Caity are a star! You help bring my classes to life and I appreciate your thoughtful comments and the support you give everyone. And your lovely artwork! See you in class Superstar!!!

  2. I am in both Jane’s and Suzi’s class with you. Nice to “meet” you classmate!

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