Coloured pencil… “A Lovely Dream” workshop

I’m taking part in Suzi’s new class, “A Lovely Dream” – it’s an art journal workshop that goes from September to May – lots of stuff to do!  (And if you buy it before September 15 you get it $10 cheaper).

Here are two drawings that will go in that journal – they’re not finished here, they will be cut out and  put on a background with some other images:

False Friend and Small Town Art Critic

[clicky for biggy]

“False Friend” has a knife in one hand (to stab me in the back) while the other hand holds a tulip.  The background is Ranger Adirondack acrylic dabber paint in “Sandal”  and the coloured pencils are all Prismacolor (which I just lovelovelove!).

“Small Town Art Critic” is determined not to like anything he sees because he is a blocked artist himself who hasn’t done any art in years, but he goes to every gallery opening and drinks the free wine.  Background is some cheap craft white acrylic paint, drawing in Prismacolor pencil.

Both are on old book pages – there’s something about painting/drawing on book pages I really like – I did a lot of it when I was doing the Art Diploma course at TAFE.

Meanwhile my back is still cactus. (For readers who are wondering what the hell that means, “cactus” means “not working” (Wiktionary says “(Australian, slang): Non-functional, broken, exhausted.)

And we have new neighbours in one of the three properties around us up for rent.  Time will tell if they’re bearable… so far she seems to be on a cleaning jag, scrubbing the bathroom windowsill with a toothbrush  – sheesh!  (I dare not scrub ours because the wood has rotted!)  No big dogs or hordes of toddlers in evidence as yet…


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  1. The idyll lasted scarce an afternoon… somebody unpacked the radio. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM… banalities reverberated through the small purple house.

    TeaBot 5000™ put on his best Brian Blessed voice.

    “That is a very loud radio!” he said, in a voice that may have reached twenty metres away clearly in open air.

    “I Say,That Is A Loud Radio!” he repeated, just a bit louder.

    “THAT IS A VERY LOUD BLOODY RADIO!” (this almost shook glass).

    The radio was turned down a little (it’s still ringing around the neighbourhood, but more dull than previously).

    Please let it be they don’t need to find out about the louder settings TeaBot 5000™ has for demonstrating his disaproval.

    1. Indeed! The New Neighbour has shown an alarming propensity for *shudder* country radio…

      At least, so far, no big dogs *fingers crossed that none appear!*

    2. We DO NOT LIKE other people\’s radio – we don\’t subject them to ours but the next door neighbour seems to be too self involved to notice!

  2. I loooove your drawings! Their personalities are just fab! We’ll be busy with the classes, that’s for sure… 🙂 I know I won’t be able to get half of what I’d like to do done, but that’s just life…

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