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Housework: I (still) just don’t get it….

So I bought Shannon Lush’s “Speed Cleaning” book back at the start of the year, and read it – hopefully, optimistically… until I realised that cleaning seemed to be her HOBBY as well as her vocation!  Even her list of … Continue reading

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What I want from a mental health professional

I’m making a wish list  – things I want in a mental health professional.  It’s possibly unrealistic, since the shortage of specialists (and my bad experiences with TWO psychiatrists now) means that in reality I’ll probably have to take whoever … Continue reading

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Found – older drawings

[clicky for biggy] I have a tendency to start art journals and then abandon (or lose) them… sometimes this results in unexpected delight when they are found again.  

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Yarrow, the Punk Sparrow

Yarrow, 8 months old, was moved from the big cage with his parents into his bachelor pad yesterday.   He seems quite happy to be on his own, and his Mum is now sitting on new eggs… and if I do … Continue reading

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From Mr B’s point of view:

(From Mr B’s journal – posted here with permission:) The mess starts with the psychiatrist (necessary as a prescriber of Keep Caity Sane Pills) relocating her practice from Toowoomba to the centre of Brisbane. There have been other psychiatrists, including … Continue reading

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Ugh. Whine warning ahead.

Mr Beloved and I took an (unwanted) road trip today, down to Brisbane and back.  My psychiatrist has moved her practice there and the other psychs in town aren’t accepting new patients, so… after putting off the appointment three times … Continue reading

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