Teeny tiny baby birdy… and a grrrr

Teeny Tiny fluffy bum

There’s a new addition to the household – hatched just last night (Friday).  So far it’s just a wriggling ball of bare skin and yellow fluff, fiercely guarded by parents Bolly and Doz.  Tentatively called “Peeps”.


(Dorian Grey is Very Fierce.)

Full Winter Fluffball

Miss Constance J. Woodle the Toy poodle (who is very fluffy in her luxuriant winter coat!) alerted us last night – her hearing is of course much better than ours.  She also has a sore eyelid – we’ll be off to the vet on Monday to see what that’s about.  Poodles are quite prone to ingrown hairs in their eyelids; I’m hoping this is something cheap and quick to fix rather than something which requires $$$surgical intervention.

We have had some rain in the last 24 hours, and Mr Beloved also heard a different, not so happy sound from the front room – yep, a BLOODY LEAK in our brand new roof! NOT HAPPY.  Will be calling the roofers on Monday to see if we can get them out here to sort it out.  At goodness only knows what expense… and I expect somehow we’ll have to move things from the front room (to WHERE?!?!) so it can be fixed.


2 Replies to “Teeny tiny baby birdy… and a grrrr”

  1. Oh what a cute poodle. Fluffier than I ever kept mine. Hope it didn’t take much to fix his sore eye.

    Too bad about the roof. If it was just done, the roofers should fix it at their own expense!

    1. Thanks, Timaree! Her eye is fixed up – turns out it was an bacterial infection, and a week of antibiotics cleared it up – she lost all the hair on that lif though, so she looks like she\’s winking!

      I must get back to the roofers – the rain stopped and I forgot (D\’OH!)

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