Mr Beloved and Our Heroine visit the psychologist

Most times when I have an appointment with my Helpful Psychologist, I go on my own – but since I knew that the Unhelpful Psychiatrist Who Has Since Been Sacked From My Team (phew, even using the acronym is long – UPWHSBSFMT!) had written a letter to my Helpful Psychologist, we decided it would be prudent to have Mr Beloved along to help explain what happened.

So off we trotted to the appointment on Friday morning.  And it was a good idea having Mr Beloved along, since even talking about the UPWHSBSFMT was upsetting.  Her letter to the Helpful Psychologist showed that yep, we weren’t just not on the same page – we weren’t even in the same damn LIBRARY!  Her representation of what I had said was completely topsy turvey.  She also asked that I start a type of therapy that 1) I have no interest in undertaking and 2) my Helpful Psychologist is not trained in! ARRRRRRRGH!!!  This combined with her close-mindedness about any other approach than hers is, I can now see, typical of the way she was interacting with me.

I feel quite validated in sacking the UPWHSBSFMT.  I also feel that my little list (cue Gilbert and Sullivan “Mikado” earworm!) is validated.

As I have mentioned, I am waiting to see a new psychiatrist – but that appointment isn’t until the end of September.  Meanwhile, I’m working on anxiety issues with the Helpful Psychiatrist, although a lot of the time I feel like this:

(The brilliant cartoonist who is responsible for these images also suffers from depression and writes here about using meditation techniques to help…)

I see the Helpful Psychologist again on Tuesday to work on “defusion” techniques… usually I wouldn’t go again so soon, but the government has changed its policy on accessing mental health services and I had to organise to use up the sessions I am allowed to have before November.   (After November I’m not sure what will happen – my private health fund may or may not cover the necessary visits – things could get very tight and fraught.  We shall see.)


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  1. Glad you got things more or less sorted out. I think after November people cam still access Medicare funded Mental Health plans, but you get fewer sessions. Don’t quote me though!!

    1. Cindy, once you\’ve had 10 sessions per calendar year that\’s IT after November 1 – no more sessions until the next year. Gawd only knows whether the government will then try to yank any further sessions out from under you as well – there was talk earlier in the year of the limit being 10 sessions FULL STOP. *headdesk* It\’s because the program has had a massive overspend – so instead of saying \”Why, we need to provide more mental health services!\” the reaction has been instead \”Quick, stop the budget blowout!\”

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