Well damn, isn’t anxiety FUN?!

Today’s dentist visit took 10 minutes.  TEN MINUTES!  Probably 4 of which were taken up with me explaining I was a nervous and sooky patient to the very understanding and kind young dentist.  Quick gentle check around the problem area, an x-ray to be sure and… yep.  ANXIETY WINS AGAIN!

Increased teeth grinding at night seems to be the problem.

So I was sent home with the warning to FLOSS REGULARLY (I know, I know, but who does, really?  Truly? Apart from my Dad who is very good about flossing)  and use the (gak!ppppth!) tooth mousse last thing at night and try not to rinse it out.

Out of pocket expense: $30


I highly recommend Access Dental – they’re very good!

(And of course mousse reminds me that I have not seen MOOOOOSE for a long time – I wonder where he is hiding?) (Stupid link is broken to old blog – arrgh, server side investigations to follow!) [lateredit – D’OH!  Old blog now updated so link works!]

see moose 03 300x217 Well damn, isnt anxiety FUN?!

see moose 04 224x300 Well damn, isnt anxiety FUN?!

see moose 05 224x300 Well damn, isnt anxiety FUN?!

(For newer readers: I bought Moose and Horse hand puppets at Ikea when I visited family in Adelaide at the end of 2008.  They became tricksters who liked to hide and who speak in strange Swedish accents….)

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  1. Marcie says:

    Hi Caity, I remember Moose, hope you find him again.
    You may remember my former blog “Sunday’s Child” – well it’s been reinvented, this time at Blogger. I’ll be writing about my family history, and will eventually tell you about those convicts, if you’re still interested…

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