Gastro, history, and stuff

So I’m now heading back out of what was one of the most horrible weekends EVER.  Remember I didn’t sleep Wednesday night?  Well, I must have already been coming down with something… I went to my scrapping day on Thursday but started feeling sicker and sicker – and by the time I got home around 3:30 that afternoon I knew something was wrong.

Turns out – I had gastroenteritis.  I must have had it as a kid, but I can’t remember having it as an adult and it was AWFUL.  Hours of whole body shudders and shivers, feeling hot and cold, throwing up and generally being crook from both ends at once – ewwwww!!  I ended up calling 13Health, a government health line with a registered nurse at the other end at about 4 am Friday morning… she was very kind and reassuring and helped establish that it probably was gastro and not anything else more serious.  Then we had a seriously lucky break – my GP, who I normally have to book into weeks in advance, could see me on Friday morning.

Blood test and more reassurance later… we also had a chance to mention the Unhelpful Psychiatrist situation and the GP is already working on a solution for us.

Weird thing that happened:  I needed more hydralyte and called the Very Helpful Chemist where I buy my CPAP stuff, having a vague memory that they delivered – and they do, who knew ANYONE still did free deliveries these days? And the bloke who did the delivery – well, his family BUILT THIS HOUSE!  His grandmother owned it and leased it to his parents; his brother was born in the house (when his Mum didn’t get to hospital in time) and the same brother also got polio in this house.  I know that Toowoomba is still a country town (even though the population is officially somewhere around 100,000 – not counting all the smaller villages around that were forced into the regional council amalgamation recently) but it was still a surprise to find such a link.  He’s going to look for some photos for me of the house back in the 1950s, and I’m going to drop off a couple of shots of before and after our outside renovation.  Cool, huh?

I spent a miserable weekend, moaning and groaning… but at least if this ever happens again we know what to do, and have hydralyte iceblocks in the freezer and the right medic1ne to stop the throwing up.  I chapped the skin on my face badly because I was using damp face washers to try and feel cool  – now we have gel packs in the freezer instead and one of my dear FaceBook friends (who all put up with my moaning and were very sympathetic and helpful!) put me onto some face cream that is helping – I am normally lazy and not very girly and don’t use any cream on my face at all.

I’m still fairly wobbly – better, but not well yet.  Yesterday we went and bought a new King size quilt – and it cost us what a queen would usually cost since the stores are trying to get rid of winter stock.  We desperately need a new mattress for the bed but that will have to wait until we can save (!) up for it.  But even just having the right bedding makes such a difference when you’re miserable anyway… We had to get rid of our previous king size quilt when we realised it was making my asthma and respiratory issues worse every time I went into the bedroom!  The new quilt is one that the Asthma Foundation endorses.

And now I am going to go lie back under that nice new quilt.  I have managed to let myself have a daytime nap yesterday after we went out for the quilt (YAY!) – first time in months that I have been able to do that – shame it took getting so crook to do it!


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