Housework: I (still) just don’t get it….

So I bought Shannon Lush’s “Speed Cleaning” book back at the start of the year, and read it – hopefully, optimistically… until I realised that cleaning seemed to be her HOBBY as well as her vocation!  Even her list of things to “speed clean” in each room each day was exhausting to read – and those lists are only really workable AFTER you’ve done her big Spring clean to get rid of accumulated grot.  (And don’t get me started on Flylady, just reading the cheery emails was enough to wear me out. “Shiny sink!” “Lace up shoes!” If it works for you, great, but no proselytising, thanks.)

I am a lousy housekeeper.  I would rather draw than dust.  Especially since the damn dust is BACK the very next day… arrrgh!  I would rather write than wash walls. I have set myself a goal vacuuming the house once a week (except for the sewing room which is completely inaccessible at present, but that’s a story for another time) and I’ve managed to do that consistently, even through the flu.  I change the newspaper in the bird’s cages at the same time – there, TWO cleaning goals at once!  And the kitchen is clean (well, the floor needs washing) and the dishes are done every day… I’m just not that interested in having a spotlessly clean house all the time, you know?  Who has time?  Who has the ENERGY?

At least I don’t have to clean the oven, ever again,  because the stupid thing has stopped working. And as we know from way back in May 2010 when the cooktop part of the stove gave up, “You can’t get the parts, love”.   So we’re managing with the electric frypan, the microwave, and the plug in hotplate.  Eventually we’ll have to shop for a new stove, but I’m not rushing.

Maybe it’s the pollen in the air (oh wattle trees, how I do NOT love you!) or the rising temperature (the last two nights we haven’t had the heater on at all!) but I am feeling the urge to do a bit of cleaning. Only a BIT, mind you, let’s not go overboard… so I am breaking things down into lots of lists so I can cross tasks off.  Baby baby steps… 10 minutes at a time, even.

I’m off to wash down a door and then start chopping veges for soup.  Mmmmm, soup!