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Two years ago… and trying to accept the now.

Around this time two years ago I had a hysterectomy – specifically, I had  TAHBSO (which stands for Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo-Oopherectomy – in other words, a clear out of all the girly bits).  I was in all … Continue reading

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Teeny tiny baby birdy… and a grrrr

There’s a new addition to the household – hatched just last night (Friday).  So far it’s just a wriggling ball of bare skin and yellow fluff, fiercely guarded by parents Bolly and Doz.  Tentatively called “Peeps”. (Dorian Grey is Very … Continue reading

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Mr Beloved and Our Heroine visit the psychologist

Most times when I have an appointment with my Helpful Psychologist, I go on my own – but since I knew that the Unhelpful Psychiatrist Who Has Since Been Sacked From My Team (phew, even using the acronym is long … Continue reading

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Look over there—> RUOK?

If you’re reading this post on my actual blog (and I know mostly we all use blog reader aggregation or other networked links instead these days) you’ll see a new button over on the sidebar.  It looks like this: I’ve … Continue reading

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Well damn, isn’t anxiety FUN?!

Today’s dentist visit took 10 minutes.  TEN MINUTES!  Probably 4 of which were taken up with me explaining I was a nervous and sooky patient to the very understanding and kind young dentist.  Quick gentle check around the problem area, … Continue reading

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*sigh* again…

So I thought I’d recovered from the gastro… I’ve still been feeling a bit crook all week, though.  Hydralyte iceblocks are still A Good Thing – in fact, I’ve just had to send poor Mr Beloved out on a grocery/chemist … Continue reading

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Gastro, history, and stuff

So I’m now heading back out of what was one of the most horrible weekends EVER.  Remember I didn’t sleep Wednesday night?  Well, I must have already been coming down with something… I went to my scrapping day on Thursday … Continue reading

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Well, bugger. Insomnia…(rambling thoughts too early in the morning)

I’m starting to write this at 5:45 am after another sleepless night.  WTF?  Here are some things I know about my insomnia: It’s not so much the lack of sleep that upsets me – it’s my struggle with my lack … Continue reading

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Resmed are clever…

ResMed, who make my CPAP machine, are a clever mob.  They generally design components so that they can only go together one way (by cutting one corner off a square humidifier and making the insert match, for example.)  I noticed … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm….smells like honey

And of course, so it should. Brilliant customer service from Honeybee Australis. I’m looking forward to getting a new painting to the point where I can heat and smoothe this wonderful beeswax over it…

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