Drawings… from Suzi Blu’s class

So I’m taking Suzi Blu’s Self Guided Video Portraits Class – and learning more from her about drawing skills than I did from my TAFE teachers.  If they’d been anywhere NEAR as good at teaching as Suzi is, I probably would have finished my course (also if I hadn’t been sick and and and….)

ANYWAY, something about the way Suzi is teaching is clicking with me.

Here’s my first face done in Suzi’s style in just graphite (mostly 2H pencil):

It's a FACE!

and here’s my first attempt at a graphite (2H) plus colour face in my brand new Moleskine journal:

Unfinished, but getting there

I’m also referring to this book for some details (Suzi’s style is looser and more stylised, but she emphasises the importance of making things look like they sit properly in the face.)

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces

I’m so impressed with Suzi’s teaching style – if you are ever thinking about doing a class with her, all I can say is DO IT!


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  2. **squeal** These are soooooooo good Caitlin! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Go girl!

    • Caityquilter says:

      Thanks, Jill! Sorry for my tardy reply, darn blog software suddenly decided to throw comments into a new folder – arrgh!

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