In which we are unwell…

(By the way, the only  comments I’ve been getting lately are all spam, and all based on my mention of various medicines.  Blah!)

Mr Beloved headed off to Germ Central (aka the Doctor’s waiting room during school holidays) on Monday, and surprise surprise – he brought home a little something with him.  A snuffly, achy, ohmygosh do I really have to get up I feel MISERABLE kind of something.

Which he has been crook with for the last 4 days and  which now  – SURPRISE – is laying me low as well.

Nearby, the ongoing wake-with-nightly-bonfires and cleanup of the house where sadly, two housemates are never coming home again after a terrible accident a week ago continues…  and makes me determined to tackle the mess in our house and yard just as soon as I don’t feel so rotten. I would hate for my friends and family to have to come and deal with our stuff… I mean, *I* know why there are books in boxes in every room, and piles of saved paper for my art journals, and what various fabric pieces are an essential part of or are planned to become, but to anyone else it would just be sad, overwhelming clutter.

But for now – I’m off to watch Time Team and have a homemade  banana and bacon pizza for tea. (Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!)


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