Addlepated. And ummm – the other thingummy.

Isn’t addlepated such a cool word?

So I’ve been having a few memory and distraction problems of late.  More so than usual – it’s taking me more pages to remember if I’ve read a book before (although this could also be attributable to reading too many cosy mysteries); I lose things more easily (“Darl? Have you seen….?”) and then yesterday was a doozy.

Started out with an almighty CRASH of smashing crockery at 6 am as I hauled the blankets back across the bed, having forgotten completely that I’d let the dog have the yoghurt bowl (on the bed) and forgotten to move it before I went to sleep… the bowl hit the floor and luckily smashed into two big pieces rather than a gazillion little ones.  (And for those of you who think either eating yoghurt in bed or letting the dog lick the nearly empty yoghurt bowl is unacceptable, what are you doing reading MY blog?!)

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah E. Harkness

Then last night as I was just about to go to sleep, having read a few pages of the interesting but ohmygosh-I’m-so-tiiiiiired book that I read before I go to sleep (in this case, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah E. Harkness, which is turning out to be better than some reviews lead me to believe) I put on my CPAP mask and realised  – OH NOES – it wasn’t working.

Because earlier on  I cleaned one piece of my CPAP mask – normally I’d clean the whole thing, but I noticed ONE part that just needed some attention –

Not me - someone else in the very attractive (!) Mirage Quattro mask
Small, silicone piece crucial to the mask working properly

and I lost the silicone piece listed here (for some reason in Spanish!) as “ports cap”.  But I didn’t REALISE I’d lost it until I put the mask on.

Much kerfuffle as Caity veers ever closer to panic (because it’s after midnight on Saturday night, the only place that sells the CPAP parts isn’t open until Monday and I CAN’T SLEEP without the mask) and Mr Beloved treats the bedroom as a crime scene, carefully and systematically moving scarves, clothes, blankets, etc while I dither about the edges…  and it’s not easy to find a clear silicone thingummy at something towards 1 am in a dusty room – but at last the missing piece was found and I could sleep.    Catastrophe averted!

Phew.  But it’s illustrative of my memory not being what it was, and my distractibility (is that even a word?!) increasing.  It’s hard for me to concentrate on things, is what I’m saying.  I write down all the medicines I take in a book, every time I take them, have done for the last year or two, just so I can be sure whether I have taken them or not… seriously, at my age, I feel like I shouldn’t have to do that!  Oh well, it is what it is.

And now I have to go do something or other but I can’t quite remember what it is…