It’s been… a week. And Constance is Seven!

Hmmm.  I am somewhat dizzy and snuffly with a cold that I think I picked up whilst out among the Hu-Mans this week.  (Yep, I was using a Star Trek: The Next Generation character reference there, for those who spotted it!)

Haven’t got much done this week.  The highlight was Mr Beloved’s long anticipated trip to the radiologists for a sub-acromial injection – that is, an ultrasound guided injection of local anaesthetic + cortisone to alleviate the bursitis in his shoulder (caused by falling UP the stairs and inadvertently shoulder-charging the house, some time back in January.)  I dragged myself out of bed expecting that I would need to drive him home from the appointment  – only to find that he was nearly BOUNCING with joy as he left the building!

The initial relief was mostly from the local; we’re hoping that it will continue to improve as the steroid does its work.  We’re both astonished at how effective the shot has been –  he’s had restricted movement in that shoulder and arm and lots of pain for MONTHS.  And now he can move his shoulder again and lift his arm to get into jackets and so on – amazing!

So he’s been working on the studio: (Clicky for biggy)

Caity's desk

Mr Beloved's desk

And – we almost missed it – our baby girl turned SEVEN this week!

Connie on her first day with us

Wasn’t she the cutest little teddy bear of a pup?!

She FLIES! With her favourite new ball

She does more for the household’s happiness and well-being than just about anything else.  I often joke to my psychiatrist and psychologist that poodles should be supplied on medicare!   She went to the groomer this week so is looking particularly fluffy and her teeny little toes are shaved.  We still have fights about her being brushed but she prefers her own coat to anything else, so we have to leave her fur long in this cold weather.

It's almost impossible to get them both looking at the camera...

Miss Kit Tern has been very tolerant of this rumbustious addition to the household.  Neither of them are good at posing for the camera, though.

On the agenda for this week: more book sorting (will it never end?!) and a trip to The Department That Controls Our Lives with bank statements to prove that we have spent ALL THE MONEY on getting the house fixed, so please don’t think that we are earning vast amounts of interest on our savings and reduce our pensions.  Sheesh.



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