Sunday… and a blast from the past

Not much happening this week… UNTIL TOMORROW when I am going on a road trip (yay!) with the scrappy girls down to Brisbane, to the Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo and the Textile Art show – you get in to see both with the one ticket.  This involves leaving Toowoomba INSANELY early, because two of the girls are actually attending classes there that start at 9:30.  And the road down the range (the big hill Toowoomba sits on top of) is notorious for being closed in one direction or the other – there’s been agitation for years to get a second range crossing, but my guess is we’ll all have flying cars before that happens.

So expect a post later in the week about the shows – it’s such a loooooooong day that I fully expect to have to spend Tuesday and maybe Wednesday in bed recovering.

In health news: the new (preventer) asthma medication (symbicort) has meant that I have only had to use the (reliever puffer) Ventolin TWICE all week.  Huge difference from before the preventer when I was having to use Ventolin 4 times a day most days!

And those two times were on the very coldest nights – we had the coldest day on record here on Thursday, with the temperature struggling to reach 7.4 degrees C at the airport – and it our little valley I can tell you it didn’t even get *that* warm, and with windchill was around -5 in the early morning.

And here’s the blast from the past – this photo fell out of a book as Mr Beloved was putting books away on our new shelves this week:

Anne-Maree Campbell, me, Simone Parker, Gail Patterson - and a very cheeky little brother Godon Miller in the window!

Simone and I worked out this was probably taken in 1981… such a long time ago!  I have no idea what Anne-Maree and Gail are up to these days…