Just for comparison: Before and After

Before and After

Before: the house sloped downwards at each corner; the roof threatened to come off every storm; the gutters leaked; the rainwater tank held barely a quarter of its capacity; the lounge room ceiling was about to fall down on us (although we didn’t know that!) and there was MASSIVE termite damage throughout the house structure, some of it decades old.

After: the house is level (and almost all the doors shut properly); we can sleep soundly though storms; the gutters work and the downpipes direct water away from the house; the new rainwater tank is full (and we have an indoor and an outdoor tap to the tank, plus an outdoor tap to town water for the first time in 5 years); every single board on the outside of the house has been thoroughly checked for termite damage, replaced if needed,  and painted.

The cost: more than we would ever have been able to afford on our own (*MWAH* Mum and Dad!)

The value: PRICELESS!!