Not happy…

None of these nails is actually doing ANYTHING to hold the roof on!
Nope, not one is actually in the wood....

Found this when we looked up through our brand new manhole.  The worrying thing is not just this section – how can we be sure that the REST of the roof (which we can’t see so easily) hasn’t been done the same way?


We’ve phoned and emailed the mob concerned – just waiting for them to get back to us and rectify it.  (If not, we do have options, since the Building Services Authority is available to help resolve such disputes…)

The upsetting thing is – we’re not tradies – how are WE supposed to know if they’ve done their work properly or not?? We don’t have the training!  We only found this mistake by accident – what else hasn’t been done?

I’m trying not to catastrophize here – really, I am, because I know have a tendency to do that and panic and get very very anxious – but  – SHEESH!!!!