Grateful for friends…

Your heroine had a weird thing happen this week…

On Wednesday, I decided I needed a new cardigan and found one I thought was ok, although a little more than I usually spend (ok, it was all of $45 , but hey – that’s still a lot of money!) Bought it, then tried to change my mind before I left the store – only to be met with the most hostile, bitchy response EVER.  Left in tears (not having a good day anyway..) with the cardigan, sans tags (I’d asked the shop assistant to remove them, since I thought I might wear it in the same shopping trip) thinking I was stuck – I couldn’t face the horrible woman again, she had made me feel so awful.

I got home, had a cuppa, some comfort food (arrgh!) and told Mr Beloved about it – he offered to go back with me the next day and sort it out.

Yesterday at our regular scrapping playdate, I told my scrapbooking pals about it (they scrapbook, I admire their pages and do my art journal stuff) and not only was reassured and told that I didn’t deserve to be treated badly – one of them actually drove me into town and helped me return the item to another branch of the same store – (where she knew the manager). I did have the receipt and the spare button the cardigan came with.  The staff at the town branch of the store couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful, and I ended up with a different cardigan that I was happy with.  (I had been offered a refund or a store credit, but I chose to buy something else.)  Even ended up buying a new scarf as well.

(Turns out the shop assistant where I bought the cardie in the first place?  KNOWN as a BITCH.  Not just to customers….)

Things learned:

  1. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!  They stuck up for me when I couldn’t do it for myself.
  2. I will never ever ever shop at the Grand Central mall branch of that particular fashion store again but
  3. I definitely WILL go out of my way and brave the main street parking to go to the downtown branch of the same store.
  4. Customer service – still important!!